Working online, we represent the next generation of legal service providers. It is now easier, faster and more cost-effective to get commercial/IP advice.

In-house Legal Advisor

An in-house legal advisor is suitable for a company that requires ongoing legal work and would like to manage external legal costs.

Family Trusts & Wills

We can draft family trusts and wills to protect your assets from business risks, relationship property disputes, and claims against your estate.

Company Law

We assist with company law matters including compliance/company secretarial duties, corporate restructuring, and capital raising.

Commercial Law

We provide practical commercial advice as well as contractual drafting expertise to identify and address red flags and deal breaker clauses.

Shareholder Agreements

Shareholder agreements are essential for preventing disputes regarding a new business venture. We ensure our shareholder agreements are tailored to the client.


Savva is a New Zealand and Australian Patent Attorney with many years experience helping clients secure and commercialise their IP in various jurisdictions.


We have helped clients obtain cost-effective trademark protection around the world to ensure competitors cannot ‘free-ride’ on the goodwill of their business.

Trade Secrets

Implementation of a trade secret strategy to ensure confidentiality over your products and processes is a powerful means to secure protection for an indefinite period of time.


Copyright licensing issues are often complex, and are particularly important for software companies. We can advise how to minimise risk around copyright issues.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring regulatory compliance is critical in many industries. We can research the applicable law and provide strategic advice to minimise risk to your business.

Employment Law

We can help ensure you follow due process when dealing with employment relationship problems. Costly mistakes can be avoided with advice on the correct procedure.

Franchise & License Agreements

We can help you turn the systems and goodwill of your successful business model into a valuable asset by setting up franchises and licensing agreements.

We prepare legal documents on a fixed fee basis and for a modest weekly retainer, we can provide your business with an In-House Legal Advisor.

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